Products find applications in a variety of industries namely electrical, automotive, petrochemical, appliances, sport, leisure and many others.


Airshrink tubing shrinks when exposed to air. Supplied in expanded form in any length or colour, diameters ranging from 1 mm to 90mm. All you do is remove it from its container, slip it on and let the air do the rest. One hour later you have the perfect shrink. Airshrink is ideally suited to irregular shaped objects and tight bends.

Applications include:

  • Insulation and colour coding of busbars, lugs etc
  • Sound sticks for mines
  • Coating of gym equipment (barbells, handles, & footrests)
  • Covering on lawn mower handles (insulation & comfort)
  • Anti-rattle sleeves (automotive seat springs)
  • Covering of canoe paddles
  • Automotive coil and leaf springs (dampening)

2. Heatshrink

Standard heatshrink is a cross-linked polyolefin product that can be supplied in either general purpose or flame retardant form. Heatshrink’s high dielectric strength and excellent mechanical properties makes It suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Insulation and colour coding of busbars, lugs etc.
  • Cable and component identification
  • Mechanical strain relief and protection

Specialized heatshrink and components range from heatshrink with a thicker wall, higher shrink ratios, adhesive lined, RoHS and REACH compliant, halogen free up to products suitable for 36kV applications. Other products include:

  • Heatshrink with excellent resistance to diesel, chemicals & hydraulic fluids
  • Medium and thick wall adhesive and non adhesive lined for use in low voltage and medium voltage joints and terminations
  • Cable end caps (Adhesive lined)
  • Wrap around cable repair sleeves
  • Wrap around pressurized splicing sleeves for telecoms networks
  • Low voltage breakouts boots
  • Hot melt tape

3. Medium Voltage Heatshrink and Components


and elcon megarad offers a range of joints, terminations and other products suitable for applications up to 36kv. These products have been designed and tested to meet the required standards and the relevant test reports are available. This range includes the following:

  • MV (medium voltage) joint and termination kits
  • MV components include anti-track & stress control tubing, rain sheds, semiconductive/insulation double layer tubing, semi-conductive/elastomeric insulation double layer tubing, high insulation tubing, conductive breakout boots and busbar insulation tubing
  • Screened separable connectors (11kV – 36kV)
  • Flexible un-screened silicone bushing boots
  • Un-screened anti-tracking heat shrinkable right angle/straight bushing boots
  • Mastic tape
  • Torque shear lugs and connectors
  • Overhead line insulation sleeving

4. Identification labels

 marking systems are available in heat shrinkable ladder/rail type and continuous reël marker sleeves. The simplicity and versatility of these systems make it ideal for marking of wires, cables, hoses and any other components especially where a large amount of information needs to be recorded. The heat shrinkable range is flame retardant and is suitable for environments with temperatures ranging between -55°C to 135°C. Printing is permanent immediately after print and can withstand abrasion and exposure to cleaning fluids.

 5. Extrusions – (Flexible and semi rigid)


Spiral Bind

General purpose helically split thermoplastic tube manufactured in a range of diameters and colours. Main application is for organizing and protection of cables and hoses. Other applications include:

  • Harness for wires and electrical cables (e.g. computer, Hi-Fi & telephone systems)
  • Breakout on cable bundling systems
  • Colour coding and mechanical protection on regulator hoses
  • Protection on squash/tennis racquets

Straws, Leashes, TPU Solid Extrusions / Cords

Rigid and flexible PVC extrusions and profiles available in colours used as leashes in sporting goods, such as surfboards, body boards, sunglasses as well as a host of applications in the promotional markets. (Flag posts and drinking straws)

High strength polymeric rope makes this product ideal as tie-down for tarpaulins on trucks and LDVs.


Control cable sleeves

Semi-rigid HDPE, polyacetal, polypropelyne and PTFE sleeves used in automotive control cables e.g. accelerator, clutch and brake cables.


Harness tubing

Flexible PVC used to secure and protect numerous wires, in the manufacture of wiring harnesses. Tubing available in different colours and sizes.

5. Other Products


Expandable Braided Sleeving

Self Amalgamating Tape

Woven Fibreglass Tape

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