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Stainless Steel Cable Tie Protective Channel


Technical Data

Properties Test Methods Typical Values
Hardness ASTM D 2240 Shore “A”, 90
Operating Temp. (°C) -15 to 70
Tensile Strength (MPa) SANS 60811-1-1 16.1
Elongation (%) SANS 60811-1-1 200
Heatshock (°C) SANS 60811-3-1 (150°C x 1hr) Comply
Volume Resistivity (Ω.cm) SANS 5526 2.4 x 1012




Product Wall Thickness (mm) T Width (mm) W Suitable for SS Strap (mm) SS Tie Head Size (mm)
ACPC6P 2 6.3 4.6 6
ACPC12P 2 11.4 7.9 10.4
ACPC17P 2 17 12.7 16


ACPCP stainless steel cable tie protective channel is manufactured from UV stable flexible heavy metal free PVC material. The channel was designed to be used in conjunction with stainless steel cable ties especially the type that incorporates a metal ball locking principal. By using the channel you are able to retain tension when tying two hard surfaces together and avoid damage to cable (outer sheaths) in applications where vibration/movement is expected.


  • UV stable
  • Highly flexible
  • Colour – black (Other colours on request)
  • Can be cut to customers requirements
  • Easy to use

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