Thermo – Tag Printer


Printer Specifications

  • 203-dots-per-inch resolution (8 dots per mm)
  • Print width: 104 mm maximum
  • Maximum label and liner width: 108 mm
  • Maximum label length 990 mm


Media Dimensions

  • Total thickness: 0.075 mm to 0.18 mm
  • Label roll diameter: 127mm
  • Core diameter: 25.4 mm & 38 mm
  • Airshrink Thermo – Tag up to 1.2 mm thick, with external feed



  • Roll outside diameter 33 mm, width minimum 55 and max 110 mm
  • Length: 74 m
  • Recommended to be at least as wide as media


Print Speed

  • Maximum Print Speed: 4″ (102mm) per second
  • Slower speeds are recommended for quality print on ATT sleeving


ATTP is a thermal printer which has been modified by our engineers to accept Airshrink thermo-tag sleeving. The modification does not compromise the printers standard functions.



  • Cable, wire and harness labels
  • Labels for recording mandatory maintenance details on high pressure hose
  • Branding of a variety of products from tools to promotional items
  • Bar coding of product for stock control purposes



  • Desk top but light enough to be carried on-site for infield use.
  • Can be linked to either desk top or lap top
  • Sturdy dual wall construction
  • Easy access for loading printing media

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